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>> Security and Loss Prevention changed drastically over the past two decades. Was it associated with simple Guarding in the past, new emerging technologies, research and markets resulted in a function with both is both, very specific and extensive requiring a wide range of skills and competences. This is specially true for the Worldwide Security Sector a s a hold but more particular for multinational Corporations operating in Natural resources in sometimes remote and hazardous environments.

There have been numerous regulations, standards and obligations regarding
Health and Safety emerging over the past decades and professionalizing the Industry. It can be argued that Security and Loss prevention is several years behind this trend and many Projects, may it be during Advanced Exploration, Construction, Production or decommissioning depends highly on the skills and commitment of Security Managers.


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> The purpose of this Website is to bring those Skills together and make Security Managers aware about risks and trends in a Sector which is exposed to much different risks as would be a Retail Business operating in Munich, Phoenix, Adelaide or Saitama. promoted a professionalization of Mining Security Professionals comming from the civil sector, Military or Police Forces.

The first section present a collection of usefull resources, reports, Guidelines or presentations relating to Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining, Community Relation and Human Rights, Corruption and Bribery, Crisis Management, handling of Dangerous assets as cyanide and explosives, Ethics and Code of Conducts, Regulations, Standards and Laws, Risk Assessments and other relevant documents in PDF, Word or PowerPoint formats.

In a second part, Software to promote Security awarness within the Business is available for download together with training videos.

A current Project under developpment is a Product and technology Section. This Section is by no mean advertising but should provide a general understanding to Security Managers on what technology is available, how it operates and how it can be implemented in a overall Security Strategy.

Finally, a news Section present a collection of online Newspaper articles and Videos on current Events relevant to Mining Security such as evolutions in laws and regulations, major security incidents or developments which could be usefull for risk assessments.

All Visitors are invited to participate activly on this Website and several possibilities are available :

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Security Professionals with experience in Natural Resources are invited to participate in our closed and confidential Discussion Group on LinkedIn.


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